Children associated, locked up, forgotten and even escaped… Parents denounce numerous incidents at the Babilou nursery in Lavaur

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A child forgotten and locked in the laundry room, another found alone in the parking lot, falls, bites… Serious incidents are increasing at the “Le Cauquinous” nursery in Lavaur. Faced with staff resignations and repeated sick leave, a group of parents decided to take action.

It is a vitriolic letter which has just addressed a collective of parents of children from Lavaur to the management of the Babilou group, which manages thousands of crèches in France. For almost two years, worrying situations, shortcomings and accidents have multiplied without things improving in this establishment based on rue Albert Einstein, Cauquillous activity zone, in Lavaur.

The nightmare began last July, during a crisis meeting, after the resignation of the nursery director and the increase in staff sick leave. That evening, the stunned parents discovered that serious accidents had proliferated over the course of the year: a baby taken to the emergency room following a piece of furniture hung high up that fell on him, a child forgotten and locked up for more than 2 hours in a laundry room, another escaped and found by a passer-by in the parking lot of the nursery (a few steps from the main road), a child with a broken nose, repeated bites…

“My son was in panic at home in the evening”

Rémi, whose son spent a few months in this structure with a capacity of 40 places, retains a bitter taste of this meeting: “We felt the dismay of the parents and the professionals who were emotionally exhausted… Some parents even came to tell us that they were relieved to no longer have their child in this nursery. We understood that we had been sold a utopian project… We were hallucinating.” He continues: “My son was in panic in the evening at home, he wouldn’t let go of his cuddly toys. And he spent his days crying. It was traumatic.” With his wife, he decided to take his child out of this structure, worried about the personal development of his toddler.

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Other parents have decided to leave their children with the Cauquinous, depending on the luck of the new management team arriving at the end of 2023. But in the famous letter written to Babilou, we quickly understand that things have not changed. “Parents elected representatives met with management in November 2023 and March 2024 and despite some progress, serious incidents continue: parents filed a complaint in October after their baby was bitten all over their body, including in the face […] other parents tried to file a complaint when they picked up their child with two broken incisors without anyone noticing,” the collective writes in particular.

Emergency visits and nasal depression

Latest incident according to outraged parents: a few weeks ago, a child fell onto the surface of a slide. Result: two visits to the emergency room for very serious nasal droops which continue to persist.

Built by the Pierre Fabre laboratories, this crèche initially welcomed the children of the pharmaceutical group’s employees. The reception was then extended to children from the Tarn Agout community of communes (CCTA). The nursery is now managed by the private Babilou group.

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The parents alerted the company, the community as well as Maternal and Child Protection (PMI) and the CAF du Tarn. A meeting should take place by next week. They specify that their sorrows are intended for the management of Babilou and not for the staff who operate “in very degraded working conditions”. If nothing is done by next week, they are threatening to suspend payment of invoices.

Contacted, the Babilou group did not respond to our calls.