in Timothée Moiroux’s €4,000 real estate training courses, dubious promises and accusations of plagiarism

He is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, medical intern, hypnotherapist, and says he owns more than 110 real estate properties… At only 25 years old, Timothée Moiroux’s CV is impressive. In the second part of this investigation, we decipher the influencer’s methods and his training in real estate investment sold for €4,000.

In his own opinion, Timothée Moiroux has already succeeded in life. At 25, he is a happy young father, future doctor, successful entrepreneur and influencer. So that everyone can do the same, he reveals, in his latest YouTube video, his 11 life principles. Principle number 2? “Don’t think that money will make you happy.

Coming from Timothée Moiroux, this advice may seem confusing. On his channel there are rather videos entitled “How to become financially free?I buy a castle at 25 (€1,200,000)” or “The 4 wallets to copy to get rich. Between Youtube and TikTok, Timothée Moiroux has more than 153,000 subscribers to whom he gives his advice for becoming rich. Comment ? By becoming an annuitant.

It must be said that Timothée Moiroux knows a lot about real estate investment. According to him, he owns no less than 117 acquired properties.little by little in parallel with [ses] studies, rising [son] first business”. He would have become a millionaire in just five years.

What is the recipe for such success? To find out, you have to go to the description of his videos. There are two links: one for personalized real estate coaching, offered at €99 for 45 minutes. The other links to the Mindeo website. This company, whose head office is based in Dubai, offers training delivered by Timothée Moiroux and two other influencers.

The young man provides training in Stock Market and Crypto and in real estate investment. The price ? Between €1500 and €4000 for 30 hours of video lessons. According to the AVI collective (Aid for Victims of Influencers), to lure the customer, they would use the following process:

The first step is to capture attention via social networks. For Timothée Moiroux, it’s his exuberant lifestyle, and the shocking speech like: “Your child, you have to hit him””analyzes Jean-Baptiste Boisseau, member of the collective and co-founder of the site

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Then would come what he calls the “narration” : “It tells you a story, the myth of the broke student who succeeded. Comment ? By training. It conveys the idea that thanks to its training, you will be able to achieve financial freedom”

The training in question appears professional. Rated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot, well presented, with the guarantee of a refund within 14 days in the event of dissatisfaction. At the top of the page, here is the question: “How to earn €3,000/month through real estate in less than a year?” Follow-up to the promise: “Immo Pro is our most advanced training for investing in real estate and generating passive income, whatever your starting capital.”

It is these last words that put Jérôme Milian beside himself. This wealth management advisor and real estate specialist for 12 years says: “Being on minimum wage and an annuitant is absolutely impossible. It’s scary to make kids believe they can get rich from nothing.”

On Youtube, Timothée Moiroux nevertheless reaffirms that it is possible to “invest in real estate from scratch”, thanks to a strategy that he himself would have applied. Jérôme Milian doesn’t believe it for a second: “Show me the numbers. Starting from scratch, it’s impossible to have 120 properties. Otherwise, he got help, but he doesn’t say that.”

The real estate specialist points out that Timothée Moiroux’s father, also a doctor in Chalon-sur-Saône, owns real estate companies, most of them with his son. No less than 12, according to the Pappers website, which lists the legal statuses and documents of French companies.

Basically, Timothée Moiroux’s training also displeases Jérôme Milian. “It’s a festival of anything, with a single objective: to sell training at stratospheric prices.” If the advisor admits that there is some truth in the information provided, everything is generally false according to him.

“The promise of earning 3,000 euros per month in less than a year is technically impossible.”

Jérôme Milian, real estate specialist and wealth management advisor

“To have 3,000 euros in your pocket, you have to produce between 12,000 and 15,000 in real estate, because it is a long-term investment. It does not go through.” He specifies that professional real estate investment advisors hold AMF (Financial Markets Authority) approvals, which is not the case for most influencers.

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Jérôme Milian is not the only one to be outraged. Martin Salva, alias VDV Immobilier, also fell from a height. In 2021, the YouTuber published a book with his partner, entitled “Property dealers: guide to a discreet profession”, sold for €24.90. Two years later, in May 2023, he discovered a video by Timothée Moiroux, and was shocked: “It is very strongly inspired, even a copy for certain passages, of our book. In the structuring or even in the sentences we are almost copying and pasting. We are not mentioned anywhere, we have not given our agreement.”

In exchanges that we were able to consult, Timothée Moiroux confirmed to him that he had found the book “ excellent » and the video was made “drawing inspiration from the best writings”without having “No intention of stealing anyone else’s work.”. Later, Martin Salva discovered that Timothée Moiroux’s training contained a “goods merchants” module, produced according to him under the same conditions.

For him, Timothée Moiroux is an “info-preneur”: “He gets rich by copying the work of others. He couldn’t sell expertise he didn’t have. And he sometimes diverts our proposal: his path is absolutely not duplicable, in real estate you can have results but you don’t become an annuitant in six months.” Martin Salva requested a lawyer. He has not yet initiated proceedings.

In the opinion of all those interviewed, Timothée Moiroux’s training would be “gullible traps who would deliver “often inept advice”. The AVI collective warns potential customers:

“On this type of training, each time, the promise is false.”

Jean-Baptiste Boisseau, member of the AVI collective

Entrepreneurs have not made a fortune through training, they have made a fortune through the sale of training. If people make you promises that are too good, you shouldn’t go there!”

In addition to losing the money invested in training, Jérôme Milian believes that “the best, you won’t be able to buy what they promised because the banks will say no. And if this happens once, it will be impossible to repeat the operation. When they sell their training, they have done their job. Good or bad, we don’t care.”.

There remains one last person with a strong opinion on the influencer activities of Timothée Moiroux. It’s Romain Thévenoud, the president of the Order of Physicians of Côte-d’Or. “The commercial side associated with a medical name is not possible.”he says.

“We are not talking about someone who popularizes science on social networks, but about someone who talks about financial arrangements, mercantilism. There is a particular article in the code of ethics which is disrepute of the profession. The doctor cannot engage in commercial activities.

Despite our reminders, Timothée Moiroux did not respond to our requests. He continues his training and his activity as an influencer. Still a student, he does not currently have the status of doctor.